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Incident History (Closed)

Network Outage from DDOS Attack.

We are working on getting this resolved as fast as we possibly can and will keep you updated as we get this fixed.

Update: Issues have been resolved and our network is back to 100%

Network has been fixed and we are back to 100%, w apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you.

Affected Services: US-East-Premium-VPS-002, US-East-Budget VPS-001

FaxUp Issues - Reporting False Downtime.

FaxUp is reporting false downtime. All services are operational and we are still at 100% Uptime

Update: Work In Progress

We've performed an update to our status page. This should resolve the issue described. We're still monitoring this incident though.

Affected Services:

Network Maintenance

Servers will be down temporarily for network maintenance.

Affected Services: US-East-Budget VPS-001

Panel Updates

Maintenance and software updates to the panel.

Affected Services: Main Panel

Network Stress Test

TurboNode Engineers were performing network stress tests to look for vulnerabilities. The server is back up without any issues

Affected Services: US-East-Budget VPS-001

Status page pinged wrong IP and recorded downtime.

Game server never had any downtime, there was a configuration error that caused the status page to record downtime. As of this incident we still have 100% uptime.

Affected Services: US-East-Premium Game-001

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